Conference Leaders & Committees

Executive Leaders

Rev. Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory

President Pro-Tempore

After 30 years in the United Methodist Church, Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory became an elder in the Global Methodist Church in June of 2022. During her ministry, she served as a laywoman in the Oklahoma Conference and as a pastor in the North Texas and the Central Texas Conferences. Most recently, she served as a District Superintendent in the Central Texas Conference.

Leah has a heart and passion for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. She has spent much of her ministry in church revitalization, revival and church growth. She is excited about the Global Methodist Church and the orthodox witness which is being awakened within our congregations as they discern their next faithful step.

She holds a Doctorate in Ministry in Church Leadership Excellence from Wesley Theological in Washington, D.C.; a Masters of Divinity from Perkins School of Theology; and a Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology from Texas A&M Commerce. She is married to partner in ministry, Stan. They have two daughters, both getting married in the next year, and a son who is still at home.

Leah can be reached by email at

Rev. Bill Killough

Executive Officer

Bill is the former senior pastor of Alliance Methodist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. He retired from the Army after 30 years of service, including 42 months of combat zone ministry. Bill served as the Personnel Manager for over 100 chaplains throughout the Pacific region and his last assignment was Senior Chaplain for all US Forces in Afghanistan. A recipient of the Bronze Star Medal, the Master Parachutist Badge, and multiple foreign jump wings, Bill is glad to be on the ground till he gets his Angel Wings. As Chief Operations Officer, Bill is responsible for many ministry tasks with the Mid-Texas GM Church.

Bill can be reached by email at

Rev. Ryan Barnett

Missional Strategy Advisor

Ryan became the Senior Pastor of First Methodist Waco in July 2017. The historic church, founded in 1850, was one of the denomination's 100 largest congregations. During his tenure, campuses have been added in downtown and south Waco as well as a college campus near Baylor. His leadership was instrumental in the founding of the Wesley House of Studies at Truett Seminary at Baylor University. Ryan serves as the Chair of the Board of Advocates for the House. As Executive Officer, Ryan assumes a strategic visioning role in the Mid-Texas Conference.

Della Conner

Conference Administrator

Della has extensive experience in church administration in both the local church and conference roles. She and her husband, Eric, attend First Waco, a Global Methodist Church. She has a deep passion for Christ and his church. Her faith fuels her service to our local church.

Presiding Elders

Rev. Mike Kerzee

First Methodist Church of Corsicana

Pastor Mike Kerzee is in his 20th year of ministry. He and his wife, Dianne, have been married for thirty-eight years and have three children and four grandchildren. Mike loves sharing the good news of love, grace, and mercy found through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and his ministry is based on the powerful words of John 3:16. 

Rev. Amy Anderson

First Methodist Church of Mart

When asked what she is most passionate about in ministry, Rev. Amy Anderson answered: "evangelism, pastoral care, and children's ministry." She has a proven track record in church revitalization, growth, and discipleship. Equal to her calling and passion for building the Kingdom is her calling to be "Mom" to her two children and "Momo" to her five grandchildren.

Rev. Dr. David Medley

First Methodist Church of Coleman

David Medley has 43 years of pastoral service spanning from inner-city ministry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to small-town, rural ministry. Connectionalism is important to David and he has served at both the conference and district level. David is married to his wonderful wife Mary Ann and they are grand-parents to nine grandchildren.

Rev. Dale Wilbanks

First Methodist Church of Eastland

Dale Wilbanks has served in pastoral ministry for 16 years. Before answering his call, he was the music director for 15 years at FUMC Ennis and a foster parent for 22 years. He was married to Kathy in February 2022. When Kathy and Dale are not serving the church, they enjoy traveling and spending time with Dale’s 11 children and 14 grandchildren.

Rev. Chris Rowe

Lorena Methodist Church

Chris Rowe has served in ministry for over 14 years as a youth ministry director, college ministry director, associate pastor, and senior pastor. He is very passionate about deep discipleship and mission work, both home and abroad, and has a very deep passion for spreading the Gospel and working with orphans in East Africa.

Rev. Stephen Schmidt

First Methodist Church of Gatesville

Stephen served as a pastor in the Central Texas Conference for 41 years before God led him to become a pastor in The Global Methodist Church. He looks forward to laying the ground work for a church that reclaims traditional Wesleyan values and feels the most exciting days of his ministry are yet to come. Stephen and his wife, Karen, have been married for 41 years, and are parents of three daughters who now are married and have families of their own.

Rev. Shea Reyenga

Bethesda Methodist Church

Shea Reyenga's personal mission as a servant of the Lord is to bring the lost home; lead the found into fullness; and unveil the wisdom of God to all authorities in heaven and earth (Eph 3:10). Shea has seven years of executive-level pastoral leadership experience in addition to three years as a top producer in the mortgage industry. He is joyfully married to Lindsey since 2011 and they have two sons.

Rev. Jay Fraze

First Methodist Church of Brownwood

Jay has served in various forms of ministry and in churches ranging in size from a few to a few hundred since accepting a call to ministry at a youth camp in 1984. When not serving the church, he enjoys spending time with his wife Renee and their three children. If you can’t find Jay on his days off, then he is probably sitting alone in the woods or under water sharing his love of SCUBA as an Open Water SCUBA Instructor. 

Rev. Daniel So

New Gate Methodist Church

Rev. Daniel So is the presiding elder serving our Korean Congregations in the Mid-Texas Conference. He has a proven track record in church revitalization and growth, and has shown to be an effective pastor in both ethnically Korean and cross racial appointments. Daniel believes God has called him to serve ethnic churches for His name sake.

Transitional Committees

The Mid-Texas Provisional Conference is committed to having representation of every voice possible at the table. We will actively seek to broaden our diversity as more churches come on board.

  • Nominations/Leadership Committee
    President Pro-Tempore, Chair
    • Jo Ann Dominguez, Clergy, 2024
    • NTC Rep, Clergy, 2024
    • Annetta Buenger, Laity, 2024
    • Nomination, Laity, 2024
    • Daniel So, Clergy, 2026
    • Jo Lynn Davis, Clergy, 2026
    • Rich Handley, Laity, 2026
    • Nomination, Laity, 2026
    • David Medley, Clergy, 2028
    • Rio Rep, Clergy, 2028
    • Nomination, Laity, 2028
    • Nomination, Laity, 2028
  • Transitional Board of Ministry
    Dr. Tom Robbins, Chair
    • Rev. Leslie Tomlinson, Vice Chair
    • Michael Cyr, Secretary
    • Rev. Sueng Ho Bang, Clergy 
    • Rev. Josh Pruett, Clergy
    • Jolynn Davis, Clergy 
    • Rev. Jeremy Beggs, Clergy
    • Jeanie Wagner, Laity 
    • Rev. Kevin Diggs, Clergy
    • Teri Read, Laity 
    • Tracey Cox, Clergy 
    • Rev. Joann Dominguez, Clergy
    • Barbara Sullivan, Laity 
    • Sandra Oliver, Laity
    • North Texas UNPUBLISHED 
    • Rio Texas UNPUBLISHED, Laity
  • Transitional Episcopacy Committee
    Dean Posey, Chair
    • North Texas UNPUBLISHED, Vice Chair

    • Rio Texas UNPUBLISHED, Clergy

    • Rio Texas UNPUBLISHED, Laity

    • Jim Hartley, Clergy

    • Matt Bailey, Clergy

    • Mickey Wheeler, NTC Laity

    • JoLynn Davis, Clergy

    • David Medley, Clergy

    • Tammy Wilhelm, Laity

    • Rusty Freeman, Clergy

  • Finance, Administration, Pensions, and Benefits
    Rev. Ryan Barnett, Chair & Executive Officer
    • Phil Snider 

    • Rev. Tynna Dixon

    • Nancy McEachern, Laity

    • Les Leskoven, Laity

    • Kyle Knas, Laity

    • Jim McCain

    • Rio Texas UNPUBLISHED, Clergy

    • Jim Read, Laity

    • Rev. Bill Jones, Clergy

    • North Texas UNPUBLISHED, Clergy

    • Carol Loeb, Laity

  • Connectional Council
    • Rev. Ryan Barnett, Central Texas, 2024
    • Rev. Bill Killough, Central Texas, 2025
    • Rev. Tynna Dixon, Central Texas, 2026
    • Rev. Amy Anderson, Central Texas, 2024
    • Rev. Daniel So, Central Texas, 2025
    • Dr. Dean Posey, Central Texas, 2026
    • Rev. Ben Huebner, Central Texas, 2024
    • Rev. Shea Reyenga, Central Texas, 2025
    • Mrs. Teri Read, Laity, Central Texas, 2026
    • UNPUBLISHED, North Texas, 2024
    • UNNAMED, North Texas, 2025
    • Mr. Jon Lannom, Laity, North Texas, 2026
    • UNPUBLISHED, Rio Texas, 2024
    • UNPUBLISHED, Rio Texas, 2025
    • Mrs. Carol Loeb, Rio Texas, 2026
  • Program Ministry/Discipleship Team
    Rev. Bill Killough, COO. Chair
    • Mission/Outreach: UNPUBLISHED
    • Children/Student Ministries (Birth-25): Dr. Rusty Freeman
    • Senior Adult Ministries: Rev. Steve Holston
    • Small Group Discipleship: Dr. Kevin Watson
    • Evangelism: Rev. Mark Winter
    • Congregational Revitalization: UNPUBLISHED
    • Church Multiplication: Rev. Gary White 
    • Leadership Excellence/Recruitment: Rev. Brandon Frenzel
    • International Ministry Partnership: Rev. Chris Rowe
    • Prayer Ministries: Rev. Lauren Yates
    • Ethnic and Minority Ministries: UNPUBLISHED
    • Communications: Rev. Ben Huebner