Global Methodist General Conference

Convening General Conference

So the World Will Know

September 20-26, 2024  |  San Jose, Costa Rica

Mid-Texas Conference Lay Delegates

Melinda Thomas

First Methodist Carrollton
As a lifetime Methodist, and having served as a delegate at UM Annual Conference for a number of years, I am excited at the thought of participating in this historic event. Formation of the new organization is an important process and I would love to join others as we listen for God's direction and seek to honor Him in all we do.

John Lannom

First Methodist Church Forney
I fully understand the responsibilities of being selected as a General Conference delegate and the work that goes with it. I agree to work with other members of our delegation to make sure that we are prepared for all the legislation, proposals, issues, etc. that we will be asked to vote on. Representing the Mid-Texas Conference at the Global Methodist Church's Convening General Conference would be an honor and a privilege.

Dave Roberson

First Methodist Church of Waco
I am a member of the Mid Texas Leadership Council and its Executive Team, working to create a Jesus Christ centered Leadership Structure for Mid Texas that reflects our Mission to Worship Passionately, Love Extravagantly, and Witness Boldly. After much prayer, contemplation, and encouragement from my Pastor, I am willing to serve as a delegate to the convening General Conference, bringing the same focus and desire to the formal establishment of Doctrine and Discipline of the Global Methodist Church.

Victor Sassone

McKinney Global Methodist Church
I believe in the message and mission of the Global Methodist Church as we serve our Lord in reawaken the fire and Spirt of the Methodist movement in our world. It will be my honor and privilege to be a part of convening General conference.

Della Conner

First Methodist Waco
"Since becoming a practicing Methodist, I have experienced a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit guiding me to enter with confidence through doors He has opened and be a voice for the work He is doing locally and worldwide. My role as Conference Administrator for Mid-Texas continues to enlighten me about the importance of the GMC maintaining its orthodox, biblical worldview moving forward." 

Kevin Porche

First Methodist Church San Angelo
"I believe firmly in the Global Methodist mission. I have done mission work in Costa Rica every year since 2012 except during the COVID pandemic. I have served on several committees in my home church and am an active member of our Emmaus community."

Glen Averhoff

Justin Methodist Church
"I'd like to help the Global Methodist Church 'be all it can be' in following the Word of God by participating at General Conference.  I have volunteered (over 4,000 hrs so far) at Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital and have also been on 3 mission trips to Lake Charles, LA this year (each for 7 days). I voluntarily greet before Sunday worship service at church, just not for an hour every week."

Carol Loeb

Asbury Methodist Church
After much prayer, I feel the Holy Spirit is calling me to serve the General Church. I believe He is guiding the GMC into revival for the church universal, and we must have people there who listen to His voice. I am currently serving in GMC Conference leadership positions and have served as a General Conference delegate several times in the past in the UMC. I have the experience to look past the political and encourage true Christian Conferencing.

Katherine Reiley

Coker Methodist Church
"Since the Asbury Outpouring, I've felt more called to serve where the Holy Spirit is moving. I thank God for everyone who has worked to form the Global Methodist Church, and am so hopeful to see God use this movement for generations to come. As a seminary student, the GMC has only made me more excited about a future spending my life in ministry. Serving as a delegate to General Conference seems like an incredible opportunity, and it's a responsibility and honor that I would not take lightly." 

Jana Fox

McKinney Global Methodist Church
“Why do I want to serve as a delegate to the first General Conference of the Global Methodist Church?” For me, it’s not a matter of “want to.” It’s a matter of calling. I am called to the discipleship of all nations as a Methodist. It’s who I have been through generational blessing and it’s who I am now."

Maria Ortegon

El Divino Redentor Methodist
"We are in a wonderful time of God’s timeline. For such a time as this has the Lord God prepared us and guided us. I feel the Lord has worked with me and molded me for his work, I accept and want to serve as his servant as we continue to go forward with the building if his church plans. I am humbled to be in this great journey of the Global Methodist Church."

Marilu Mercado

Coker Methodist Church
"I eagerly observe the spiritual awakening and the desire for a more authentic experience as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ in our faith communities. Serving as a delegate to the General Conference is my way of actively participating in this movement and collaborating in building a meaningful path for our church community, its members and future generations."

Donna Seward

First Methodist Church Irving
"I believe that my background has developed my ability to represent and serve GMC laity through prayer, humility and involvement in the process of General Conference. I believe God has prepared me for just such a time as this." 

Lauren Palmer

First Methodist Church Carrollton
“After working on staff in a local church for 10 years, I am currently pursuing a PhD in Wesleyan theology, working towards a model of Christian community and corporate sanctification for the 21st century. I believe the Wesleyan movement is the most faithful lens of understanding the Scriptures, and Wesleyan doctrine has much to offer the larger church. It would be an honor to serve the Global Methodist Church as it is being established."

Kathryn Kiser

First Methodist Church Carrollton
"I have been working in the renewal movement of the UMC since the 1990s. I have attended every GC since 2004. Having worked to maintain the Discipline of the UMC, it would be a privilege to attended the convening GC that will adopt the biblically centered Doctrine and Discipline of the GMC. I pray weekly if not daily for my church and the GMC. Although I am not at present in a Band, I have been and have led one several times."

James McClain

First Methodist Church Frisco
"I would like to be a part of continuing to lay the groundwork for a denomination that I believe God has chosen for some special work in people's lives and in our local communities."

Charmelle Garrett

First Methodist Church Corsicana
"It would be an incredible honor to serve God by helping establish the foundation for the GMC."